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EAST Challenge 2014

To raise money for EAST, our brave Challengers rafted the world famous rapids of the White Nile!

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EAST Challenge 2013

To raise money for EAST, our brave Challengers hiked to the top of Namibia's tallest mountain!

The day began with a very early departure from Windhoek and the drive to Uis, where we pick up Alfonse, our local guide. Photo: Lea Bachmann

Photo: Lea Bachmann

The climbing is incredibly tough, especially with all the weight we are carrying. Photo: Lea Bachmann

Water is in rare supply up here; after four hours we reach the first water pond and happily refill our bottles... Photo: Lea Bachmann

On top of this huge boulder is the one spot on the entire ascent where we've got phone reception.

Due to the dry season, the pond was not quite as full as it once was. Photo: Lea Bachmann

After six hours of continuous climbing we are finally able to walk on a flat path for a moment, but we all realise we are getting more and more tired and exhausted.

Photo: Jacques Hulshof

Photo: Lea Bachmann

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